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Kate Middleton to use hypnobirthing techniques?

There are rumours that Kate Middleton may chose Hypnobirthing to help her deliver her baby more easily whilst feeling more in control. If you’d like to read more info on my website about how I can help pregnant ladies here’s the link    

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Help have an easier labour using hypnotherapy techniques

This afternoon I have a pregnant lady coming for her first session to help with childbirth as her midwife suggested she see me. Click on the picture to read an article from the Mirror a few days ago for details how people like myself help mums to be. You could also visit my website

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How did hypnotherapy become so popular?

You have probably heard of hypnotherapy, particularly if you smoke, as it is a really popular way of trying to help you stop. There is, however, a lot more to hypnosis than just stopping smoking read on to find out more … Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries but it was probably Paul McKenna who [...]

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Midwife delivers her own baby at home

Click on the picture to read the recent newspaper article regarding a midwife who had her first baby at home with no medical assistance during the birth. Claire’s first baby was 3 weeks early but instead of panicking she did what she’d probably done hundreds of times before and delivered the baby, only this time [...]

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In pregnancy who else can you turn to for support?

Having a baby dramatically changes a parent’s life in many positive ways. Often relatives and friends are there for support whether it is for advice or just for babysitting! But there are other people who you don’t know personally who are eager to support parents through these special although sometimes stressful times. As a Hypnotherapist [...]

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Why is anxiety so unhelpful during childbirth?

When an expectant mother is anticipating discomfort during the birth process, stressor hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine or norepinephrine are released. These will be travelling around her body in large amounts prior to and during labour. On a subconscious level she is expecting discomfort. If she cannot flee or flight then her only other means [...]

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Self-hypnosis for a more natural and easy childbirth

Most films and television programmes portray childbirth to be an extremely painful experience with screaming and swearing. If this was the case wouldn’t women stop at one child (because they couldn’t bear to go through it again) and most people have no siblings? The majority of women would prefer to have as natural a birth [...]

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