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After 15 years of chips & bread woman can eat more healthier food

This woman apparently lived on chips and bread for 15 years. And after having hypnotherapy was able to enjoy other foods (although her first meal was Pizza!). Click on the photo for a link to the Daily Mail website.                  

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How did hypnotherapy become so popular?

You have probably heard of hypnotherapy, particularly if you smoke, as it is a really popular way of trying to help you stop. There is, however, a lot more to hypnosis than just stopping smoking read on to find out more … Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries but it was probably Paul McKenna who [...]

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Fussy Eating Helped with Hypnotherapy

In a recent Daily Mail article it tells a story of how a lady who hated bananas has been helped with hypnotherapy. It doesn’t say if she now actually eats bananas or not though but at least she can be in the same room as them! Click on the photo itself to read the article. [...]

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Reduce your golf handicap with hypnosis

They say 90% of golf is in the mind so if you want to lower your handicap, take your game to the next level and enjoy it more then you need a great mental attitude on the course. I am a Buckinghamshire based hypnotherapist and have designed hypnotherapy sessions specifically for golfers helping them to [...]

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Camilla Dallerup is a fan of NLP

Strictly Come Dancing’s Camilla Dallerup describes in a recent Express Newspaper interview how she has used NLP to train her mind to help her sport. She has used it to help with upsets in her private life as well as her job as a professional dancer. Visit my website for more information of how Hypnosis [...]

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Conquer Fears and Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Fears and phobias can be eased or dealt with entirely using hypnotherapy. I use a combination of suggestion therapy and NLP to help clients. I have helped people with fear of driving, insects, flying, public speaking and dentists, along with many others (maybe the most unusual being frogs). For more information on fears and phobias [...]

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Why is anxiety so unhelpful during childbirth?

When an expectant mother is anticipating discomfort during the birth process, stressor hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine or norepinephrine are released. These will be travelling around her body in large amounts prior to and during labour. On a subconscious level she is expecting discomfort. If she cannot flee or flight then her only other means [...]

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Hypnotherapy for phobias, stop smoking, weight loss and more

If you want to lose weight, stop smoking or set yourself free from any problems, habits or symptoms that are worrying you then carry on reading! Now it’s the start of 2011 it is a perfect time to take control of problems/issues you have in your life. You can do this easily, gently and effectively [...]

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Bucks Advertiser Competition to Stop Smoking

The competition is now closed in the Bucks Advertiser. One lucky winner will win a hypnotherapy smoking cessation session to quit the fags forever! If you didn’t enter and would like to find out more information please visit my website www.hypno4stopsmoking.co.uk You can still claim 10% off the session price before the 18th February 2011 [...]

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Want to appreciate those unwanted Christmas presents?

The link to the article below demonstrates how useful the NLP technique of Anchoring can be. By remembering a good time and vividly recalling the emotions connected to the memory, you can then “anchor” that feeling with a physical act such as touching your thumb and index finger. You think the good thought and do [...]

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